Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quilled Vase

Hello All!

Finally, a dream comes true! A challenge I was raring to take on, accomplished successfully. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, a hollow quilled 3D vase!

The vase is completely hollow, i.e. the quilled forms are not stuck on top of any base form, they stick to each other to form the shape of the vase. This was a tremendous effort, and required patience I have never known I possessed :) The vase is approximately 6 inches in height, and about 3 inches diameter at the largest width.

Some close-ups...

The vase is safe in its transparent glass case, and sits proudly in my living room. I just cant stop looking at it! The shape could have been more perfect, but I am very satisfied with this for a first try.

I do want to try and put up a short tutorial for this one, hopefully in good time! Till then, let me take another look at the beauty :)



  1. this is so awesome Manasee :) thinking how you did it.. did you use a mould upon which this work was made?

  2. Thanks Rose Angeline! I used a glass vase I had at home, but had to quill 3 separate sections and then join them together so that the vase could be hollow :) Will try to post that tutorial soon.